Winding up the website - Thank you all!

Thank you all who have read and followed this website over the past 7 years. It has been a great run attempting to solve the Fenn poem. We together, raised awareness and money for cancer research through the Terry Fox Foundation and someday it is my hope that cancer will be defeated. I am continually reminded how devastating this disease can be as my Aunt battles her stage 4 cancer. It is my hope and prayer that new research will assist her fight.

My Fenn cast bronze owl "Wolfie" found a new home in Colorado and his adventure will continue and last night 48 Hours ran a segment on the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt, which once again has brought many new people curious as to what it is like to search for the Fenn treasure and solve that illusive poem. My book Finding Forest Fenn will continue to be available for those who, in the future, want to follow along on our family adventure. However, this website will close in July. The content will be archived on the Wix server for those who who want to use it for research in the future.

I thank all of you who have donated and supported my effort to raise awareness to cancer research.

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