The Mississippi Window breaking aberration

From Mr. Fenn's memoire, is an aberration that many have wondered for years but none have provided a decent explanation. Miss Ford drags Forrest into to see his father the principal for calling her an old bat and his father gave him the look and said, "I was sure a window pane somewhere in Mississippi was about to break."

So why would a window break in Mississippi ? How is this connected to the clues? Well as you know I have connected the Apollo program to home of Brown as the year of the moon landing is the year, Mary Brown started the fried chicken franchise.

On March 3, 1967, at Stennis Mississippi at the first time the five-engine cluster of F-1 engines was test-fired, windows shattered in nearby communities. This is also supportive of why Mr. Fenn signs his emails with f as they hint to the F-1 engine. The stock exchange symbol for Ford is "F" and Miss Ford is a nice supplemental hint to this aberration.

Also see the link to Apollo 8, Neil Armstrong connection, FF/66 Sea King.

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