Arthur, The Lady and Excalibur

Scrapbook 211 and 212 have a convincing connection to Brown and points in the next direction of the net clue. However in clever Fenn fashion, there is always something else even more subtly planted waiting for connection to future scrapbooks.

The first to note is the choice of Massasoit and his tribe welcomed the America pilgrims and introduced the local food, which lead to Thanks Giving. Coincidentally today is Canadian Thanks Giving not the American celebration, which is at the end of November. Considering that he mentioned Box Elder known as the Manitoba Maple, he also said, “he looked like a Prime Minister” further pointing to Canada.

I mentioned earlier that Olga is the name of the Erikson/Tarhe helicopter that placed the antenna on the CN Tower in Toronto and the Manitoba Maple has seeds which are know as helicopters due to how they spin to the ground like a helicopter.

The Canadian connection has been mentioned previously since Tarhe was born a Canadian Wyandot. There is more to connect with Canada at a later time but he has to do with Forrest Pre-Colombian remarks.

Scrapbook 212 mentions Arthur, which of course links to “Title to the gold” and “quest” with its association to King Arthur who was on a quest for the Holy Grail. Mr. Fenn chose his words in the poem carefully and quest has a very specific connection to Arthur. The aberration in Scrapbook 212 is the mention of the song Hail to the Chief, which is use for inaugurating Presidents, not unveiling bronze statues.

Hail to the Chief is derived from verses from Sir Wlater Scott’s The Lady of the Lake, which is connected to the Arthurian Legend, for it was the Lady who caught Arthur’s sword Excalibur as he tossed it in the lake. There is an intricate link to “Lady,” for the shadow cast by Our Lady of the Rockies, creates a shadow at a precise time of King Arthur grabbing Excalibur from the stone. This fascinating creation is beyond coincidence since it resembles the shadow cast on Mr. Fenn’s book too far to walk.

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