The Fenn CIA Connection to Word that is Key

As I have written before in Revealing the Word that is Key and Word that is Kea, the quote,

"It is interesting to know that a great number of people are out there searching. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key.”

has a strong indication that “tight focus with” is a lens which could be the eye or a telescope. More importantly, "word that is key" is literally "key," so what key?

I speculate the contents in the chest are hints and there are two gold mirrors in the chest, supported by mirror reference in too far to walk and Scrapbook 99.5 Mirrors are a primary component of space telescopes. Also note that 99.5 is an odd scrapbook number, almost sounds like a radio station and coincidentally radio is a type of telescope.

Now this is where we tie in Mr. Fenn’s CIA imaging from aircraft background. Take his quote from Scrapbook 46, “Her pushcart was loaded with six-packs of Corona beer.” This means nothing right? Oh but how about in terms of the CIA, of which Fenn was employed? The Corona Project was the CIA's very first space based satellite spy program in which they used powerful telescopes to spy on the USSR. Combine that with the innuendo “How many stations can you get on that thing?” [in reference to Ms. Maven’s hair] and it hints to listening good/spying and it is a nice fit to the radio station hint in scrapbook 99.5.

Ok not convinced yet? Sure it is a stretch, but lets look closer to see what else we can learn from the CIA and the NRO. Following Corona, the name of their spy telescope/satellite program was called CRYSTAL. The majority of my book was writing looking for that special crystal, but I never thought of a code name "Crystal." Fenn even encouraged us to google “crystal,” and that makes sense because we would likely stumble on the CIA use of the word. Ah, but it gets better, the CRYSTAL program also went by the code name “Key Hole.” Now this should certainly get you to sit up and pay attention because Fenn is famous for his “tight focus with a word that is key” and “how deep is a hole.” Telescopes peer into “deep” space looking for black “holes.”

Mr. Fenn has hinted to CRYSTAL before in his post Sunday Kind of Love where he talks of Skippy's crystal radio and how listened to Frann Warren. He finishes with a hint to "google crystal" which he hopes we would find the CRYSTAL spy telescope program. The Crystal program was also referred to as 1010, which is interesting because that translates to XX in roman numerals. He recently placed a XX on a Cynthia's map in TTOTC. This has led many to speculate why he placed the two XX.

The program has a phase called FROG as well which might explain why those frogs are carved on the lid of those jars.

Mr. Fenn repeatedly insists we use Google earth but it is not powerful enough to see the treasure chest. Google Earth uses a space based telescope to build their terrain images.

Take Mr. Fenn's recent “Name the cat contest”, the image of the Sabre Tooth Cat (note the hint to Super Sabre) has an interesting shadow cast through the skull (like the Goldbug treasure) and the image is a key hole, supporting “Key Hole” project.

The Hubble Space telescope is based on the NRO’s spy telescopes except it is aimed at “deep” space where it scans the universe in search of stars. Our sun is a star and coincidentally it has an atmosphere called the Corona, which is only visible during eclipses. By now, we all know that supports my “Follow the Star” theory. Corona means crown, and this secondary hint links to king. One other hint to spying and lens is Fenn's reference to his Minox camera. Minox is noted for being a spy camera.

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