Navel/Naval Road Map

The Mysterious Writings 6 Questions contained one line that is helpful to solving the poem, "In my mind, studying the clues is tantamount to using a road map to get from one place to another" Linking the clues to a road map followed by another of the question answers, "A standout question Jenny. My favorite flights were those when I headed alone, and at 200 feet, into the teeth of the Rockies, not knowing, or caring, where I would land. My least favorites were the two occasions when I lost my engine and was fortunate to find runways to land on."

Combine these two statements and we can see confirmation of clue 3 below the hole of Brown is an airport (put into port (air)) and fly to see the big picture, where a the Virgin Mary "standouts" guarding sentry to the spot. Then "almost umbilically attached to the spot" suggests navel or listen good to hear "naval" or the sea. There has been many hints of horses from Mr. Fenn and many naval hints in the past, but what can they be?

Remember the last time mr Fenn used the word "standout" was somebody asked him what is a blaze, his response was it's something that stands out. The big picture can be seen from flying an aircraft at 200 feet looking for teeth in the Rocky mountains reveals the horse form the sea, the seahorse (see found the blaze at clue 5). When Mr. Fenn was asked which direction the blaze faced (east, west,south,north), he said he didn't think it was any of those direction leaving facing up as the natural answer. This is also why he strongly suggests using Google Earth.

The crown of the seahorse, looks like teeth or "teeth of the rockies." And this seahorse or teeth are all created by a road map.

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