Ode to Lucky

Meet Lucky he is my treasure hunting pirate partner. He got his name because he was born on July 7, 2007 that's 7/7/7 and he was the 7th puppy born out of little of 7. With all those sevens he needed a perfect name to reflect those 7s, thus Lucky became his name. Lucky is a Bichon Frise, the best breed in the world because he was so loving and happy.

He was our best friend and even went on a treasure hunt with us once, well it was more of a guided tour but he was dressed for the occasion. Here he is in his pirate garb.

Unfortunately Lucky became very ill this summer and passed away. He was a member of our family and we were deeply saddened and miss him dearly to this day. We will always cherish his happy demeanour.

Lucky Lucky we travelled far,

Lucky Lucky you set the bar,

You made me laugh,

You made me cry,

Lucky Lucky you are a star!

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