Seven is a Perfect Number

Mr. Fenn released his annual 6 Questions at Mysterious Writings today. This is his 7th and final you time he will answer this series. So why is this 7 the perfect number to end on? The only thing from his memoir that relates to this is Smity from the 7th Cavalry when Forrest witnessed Frank Turley make horseshoes.

Now for the confirmation bias portion of this writing. I have recently linked the horseshoe ΩΩ to all those aberrations with Fenn and no shoes to Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Ω is just above the treasure cavity that the 9 clues form an X on the scant map of the Rockies Mountains (Montana and Wyoming are clearly identified).

Mr. Fenn also said he has not received all the clue answers in the correct order, which sounded like he had received all the correct clue answers just not in the right order. I find that interesting because the 9 clues I sent to Mr. Fenn prior to that statement have changed from the 9 that I listed on my recent solution. The interesting part is it was the last two clues I reversed. The end result is the same just the strike out slash on my X went in the other direction. So if this solution is correct, then the first 7 clues are perfect. Ok time for me to come down from cloud 9, oh yah that is why 9 clues are significant, cloud is one of the answers to the clues.

The next interesting quote from this years questions is “I am almost umbilically attached to the spot,” which goes hand in hand (pun intended) with the "gut feeling.” If you have been following my prediction that Mr. Fenn uses play on words, then the answer to the hint here is “navel” (umbilical). Navel translates to naval which is connected to ‘put in’ as that is what naval going vessels do when they come to port. But the big hint is the horseshoe of horse we are looking for is of the naval variety or “Seahorse,” which is the blaze on the seahorse’s nose. More importantly umbilically attached is a hint to attached to his mother. Fenn's special place is here because this place is a tribute to mothers.

The next interesting quote is “clomp of a boot” where clomp is defined as “walk with a heavy tread.” Clomp links to the shoe part of my discussion above but the tread is what I am more drawn to. Treads are rungs of ladders and I have linked ladders to the location of the treasure before as they are hinted on the treasure chest and the Allegory Siege on the Castle of Love has the Arthurian legend depicted on the back of the chest (not photographed). The ladder is required to get into that cavity where the X marks the spot. Speaking of cavity, that is also hinted at in these 6 questions, when he said “teeth of the Rockies.” He has hinted to teeth many times before and teeth have cavities.

Finally he mentions heart twiceand I have linked heart rock to the location of the X on the scant rock and there are two heart rocks near the treasure. One of the hearts form the heart of King Arthur as he pulls Excalibur from the stone.

The most interesting hint is his concluding remark, “watching the seasons pass” is the key to my solution, because as the seasons change in spring and autumn, so does the shadow cast the king Arthur shadow describing the “quest” of the poem. The hand of that shadow points to the treasure at precisely 2:42 underneath the rainbow of the cloud. 42 is the angle at which the rainbow forms and 42 happens to be the final question number mentioned in this perfect series of questions.

I just love it when all these subtle hints come together to confirm things. Confirmation bias is a wonderful thing!

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