The Final Star

Continued from The Final Two Clues: X on the Map.

We have followed many stars to the special star that the three Kings or wise men followed. The border between Montana and Wyoming on our special map made of the Rocky mountain scant forms the final line which completes the star. This is why Fenn states we must start at the beginning, why he quoted TS Eliot. We begin at the star and we end with a star, a perfect finish to a perfect puzzle. The intersection of the midpoint of the star and where all lines cross is where the treasure lies. Where he "went alone in there." And it marks the spot where the rainbow would appear from the cloud shaped Montana. The pot of gold lies beneath the rainbow, Fenn's rainbow.

Many are curious why Mr. Fenn kept repeating there are nine clues. The first one is cloud nine, clearly identified as the source of the rainbow and represented by Montana on this map and the sword in the stone creates an I while the clues make an X, IX = 9. Now you know why Mr. Fenn loves Italians!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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