So why is it that "eye" must go

Continue form the Big Picture.

This is where the magic occurs. Mr. Fenn has set it up as if to wind down the poem in the searcher's mind, just like a good puzzle should. But wait! We are only at clue 5 and there are 4 more clues to go. Clues by Forrest's definition, take us closer to the treasure, but there are no instructions... or is there?

This is when we have to listen good, now try this, "So why is it the eye must go." Now we have an instruction to go to the "eye." What eye? The eye of the snake, symbol of evil, no place for the meek.

Take notice the poem's last two stanzas begin with "so?" So what is with the "so?" Sticking with our baseball and bowling theme, "SO" is the abbreviation for strike out. A strike in bowling is symbolized by and "X." These are instructions to begin the X. Just like Mr. Fenn says we should begin to place the X on the map and marry the clues to a map.

So let's strike out, beginning at the eye. The eye of the snake. The all seeing eye. Next is I've done it tired and now I am weak.

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