Look Quickly Down,

Continued from Found the Blaze at clue 5

If you have been following along, the Fenn sleight-of-hand has been active at every clue and in his words, not everything is as it seems, nor should it be, for this is a treasure hunt. This is how we weed out the solvers from the participators. This next line, "Look quickly down, your quest to cease" is no different. I know I have some loose connection to looking down and seeing a nose, but that is not really the solution to this clue. Surely by now it should be obvious that he thinks we find a blaze and look down from there and the treasure is found the search is over and that is it. But do we really think he left two stanzas worth of gibberish after the treasure is discovered. Come on man this is a treasure hunt. Every word is important and ignoring them is at our own peril as he would warn. So what gives? The clues are contiguous, how can we use those words in the poem? Well this is where we have to take things literally like a child would. When warm waters halt, we literally have a halt/stop sign, let be literal here and not there is a comma, after "look quickly down" which means to pause and Fenn says he places them where he wants us to pause. So... lets look quickly down the poem and read the clues and return when we are done. That is when our quest will complete. Now speaking of quest, let's take this literally too, why did he use this word, what is its origin? First remember that CE5 that FF engraved on the latch of the treasure? Who does that to a 800 year old chest, I mean he used stickers for his other valuables, why permanently damage it? CE 5 stands for 5th Century and 5th century is the time when the legend of King Arthur centres and King Arthur was on the most famous quest of them all, the quest for the Holy Grail. I thought I found the grail carved in marble at Marble, CO. It was awesome, it is an example of getting it right but in the wrong location. I know, for a quest to exist, we need King (which is a title as in tile to the gold) Arthur and we need Excalibur, that special sword he drew from stone and grabbed by the Lady of the Lake. We are at Lady of the Rockies over looking a toxic lake, what can this Lady tell us? Can she point us to the sword in the stone? Perhaps we should look quickly down the poem first and see what the next clue tells us... continue to Butt Arry Scant with Marvel Gaze.

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