Look at the Big Picture

Continued from Butt Arry Scant with Marvel Gaze.

Ok, just before I get to the last four clues, it is time to take Forrest's advice and look at the big picture. Forrest Fenn said we need to figure out the clues, did he literally mean "figure" as in a human figure is at the main clue? Movies were only 11 cents when he was a kid and some of them lie to you. While lies on the big screen? As you noticed the map I showed on the scant is missing something, the tarry part. In needs some black, some action figures, maybe one on a quest. Clark Gable, Fenn's idol is known as the king of Hollywood, so let's bring on the king...

Oh but wait we need a show time, what is the best time to watch the big show on the big screen? Wait the poem tells us, with the line not far but too far too walk or 2:42, the exact time the bonfire collapsed at Texas A&M. This is what you see exactly at 2:42 one month prior to autumn equinox. This is the shadow cast by Our Lady of th eRockies at precisely 2:42. Does it look familiar? Use your imagination. Right under our noses the magic appears. Do you see the floating hat?

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