Butt Arry scant with Marvel Gaze

Continued from Look Quickly Down.

This line is perhaps the most intriguing line in the poem. It shouts of hints and clues. Yet no one can figure out what it means. Mr. Fenn said most of the words have meaning, especially the nouns. Time to make significant sense to these words. Remember we are following a star here, gaze is associated with star gazing so it makes sense to factor this in, especially since the contiguous clue theory says we have to. The last word of the last clue is "blaze," blazing star is a purple flower and he has purple flowers on his aberration list. Stars blaze the night sky too, but it is even more convincing when you factor in the last line in the previous clue "if you've been wise." This is past tense and is important because the blaze of the seahorse has been found and now we have to consider who has been wise and followed a star and that answer is obviously the three wise men, the three kings, who followed the star on Christmas eve (the 24th) to arrive to witness the birth of Christ. Now lets solve the first words of this line "But tarry scant." This so far is all hint and double meaning to confirm our place but literally is simply tarry scant and that is a blacken scant. A scant is masonry term meaning, stone cut on two sides at right angles, and wouldn't you know it there is a scant beside Our Lady of the Rockies where rock was cut and blasted away to place the stature.

No searcher ever factors in the word "But," which is signifies the city of Butte and it also supports the Butt Arrys cant, or first point of Aries, hinting to the equinox. Arie is also Forrest's Grandmother. Our Lady of the Rockies is actually a place that honours women of the world, especially mothers and not so much a religious place. That leaves the word "marvel." By definition, marvel is a wonderful or astonishing person or thing. The virgin Mary is a marvel, especially a 90 foot statue of the Madonna. Marvel is also the manufacturer of a sun dial, which is telling us to take time into consideration for this solution. Now what most searchers ignore is the word "with." We actually have to combine the tarry scant with the marvel gaze. Now this is where it gets interesting. Remember when Mr. Fenn said we need a good map. Good originated from the word God, so a God map or map from God is what we need. This is the makings of Indiana Jones. Remember Forrest said to look at the big picture and that we should marry the clues to the map. Everyone is looking for some paper/internet map but the map is actually onsite. It is is the big screen, the scant and here it is (below).

This is the beauty of the entire chase and explains why searchers get to within 200 feet but do not recognize it. It is right under our noses. Searchers look right at the chest, but don't recognize its importance because we need to follow the clues. There it is the good map, which we need right in front of us on the tarry scant and we do not recognize it, because we don't stop to think and use our imagination. Mr. Fenn clearly stated we can't solve the poem without imagination. Imagination is literally image-nation. And holy Toledo, an image of an of the two nations! So take the time and look at this map. Do you see the two search states? Hint Montana and Wyoming? Can you see Yellowstone on that map? Ok now you are ready for the big picture.

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