Fenn's Dog Poop Mystery

Forrest Fenn can sell anything to anyone, which amplifies the meaning of "Its not who you are, it's who they think you are." The master marketer has proven over his tenure of the chase, just how good he is at selling ideas and none is better than the now famous dog poop raffle.

According to Mr. Fenn, he left some $100 and $50 bills on his desk and his dog got a hold of them and chewed it to threads and ingested some of the pieces. He then followed the dog around over the next few days and collected the pieces from the feces and laundered them. After he and his grandchildren lost patience of piecing the puzzle of money back to its original form, he decided to sell it the oh so willing treasure hunter community and boy did he! At many times the face value to the tune of nearly $7700.

As I have stated many times, I am an aberration hunter and there is no better aberration than this dog poop story, so let's get our rubber gloves on and plug our noses and look for that clue. Note at the top where I circled in blue a piece of a $100 bill and if you compare that to a real one it is easy to see the top is squared off and does not match. We previous know that he has made the intentional mistake of saying Hamilton is on the $100 bill when it is actually Franklin and that led to my conclusion that lightning is heavy loads and water high.

This image has been doctored when compared to the obverse of the real $100 bill (see picture here). Both borders curve on the real money but this one doesn't. So now look real close at the picture cut out of they piece of the $100 bill and see if you can find the image. Sweet mother of Jesus! Can you believe that?

Now sure some will say, "but Mr. Fenn doesn't photoshop" or "doesn't know how too." There is plenty of evidence he does photoshop through Dal's work and through his own admission his image manipulation skills were admitted used to determine Sitting Bull's pipe from a photograph. There are other things in this pile of money, but I will let you find them. Happy hunting!

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