It is only a matter of Time (Armstrong connection)

As some may have read in my blog and the follow the star connection that I have linked the moon to strong hints. First there is that moon in the book where the strong woodsman peers up to the dove nesting in the moon. The moon in itself is symbolic to Peggy for she was a Proctor, Peggy Jean Proctor. Proctor and Gamble had a similar moon logo. I wrote of the first astronauts and the right stuff as an introduction to the moon connection which was followed by a Fly me to the Moon MW article, which mentions Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon. In my right stuff article, I wrote of the dove and the peace connection of the plaque left on the moon for the first two moon travellers. The first man on the moon as highlighted in the recent movie "First Man" is Neil Armstrong. Armstrong, the moon and the Apollo connection have been referred to many times in my writings on my blog. One of the big hints was the mention of For Whom the Bell Tolls description in the Important Literature chapter that actually describes Farewell to Arms. I think this is important hint to the arm, or strong arm. I mentioned the "cold shoulder" in the Dizzy Dean article has more connection to the Fenn solution than one might imagine. The wavering gut feeling is more like a wave (with the hand) ring in to hands and arms. I realize these are all very subtle connections, and there are more than I mention here, but does anyone realize that Dizzy Dean photo is actually a photo that is associated with a famous Dizzy Dean quote, "I was blessed with a strong arm and a weak mind." So we complete the circle the "strong arm" or Armstrong has been added to the revised OUAW stories eclipsing The Wolf shadow and X final chapter with the addition of an Omega. I suppose you are wondering why the Omega is added? Both Buzz Aldrin and Armstrong answers that, for the Speedmaster Omega time piece is the first watch to land on the moon. The hand in the watch is symbolically connected to the arm for it is physically connected to the arm, the hand of the first Omega moon watch is characteristic of an Broad Arrow shaped hand, which will point to the treasure. Omega also has a dark side of the moon model.

Omega is all about time, and Forrest Fenn put that answer right in front of your eyes by putting Dizzy Dean on the TIME magazine cover as a big hint.

Now can you find it in the poem? If you can get the time right, follow the stars and that arrow and you and can crack the strong arm or Armstrong, you too can have a shot at solving this poem. My middle name is Dean but I ain't no dizzy! All rights of these writings are reserved and are copyright of The Wolf, no reproduction without the expressed written consent of The Wolf is prohibited.

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