No Padde mean No H2O

Continued from The End is Ever(are) Drawing nigh.

The Fenn puzzle and the use of sleight of hand has worked very well so far. It is what great puzzles are made of, since the poem was set up to make us think we are paddling down some river canyon which can't be walked and then we are supposed to think there is a shallow, steep or dry creek emptying into the river of which we are to "paddle up."

So far with this imaginative solution, we have busted through these traps and found another logical way, so why stop here, lets keep'er going. Interesting the paddle has a sweet spot and can be used in Cricket and nicely connects to our baseball theme in clue 3 and supports the contiguous clue theme as well (all clues are connected hint to the answer). Paddles also are the tail of the beaver and could be the answer as the end (tail) is ever drawing nigh. However I don't buy into this rational, but I think the beaver does play into the solution since it is a symbol of Canada, as I have suggested in my book, but we will have to wait and see.

Paddle are also synonymous with helicopter blades and coincidently, there is a helicopter named Creek. Mr. Fenn has mentioned helicopters many times including his famous 1500th rescue that he is still talking about to this day in an email posted at Dal Neitzel. I have tied this into helicopters as well with the Tarhe Helicopter.

Mr. Fenn says he knows the meaning of words because he looks them up, so I looked up the word creek and was surprised to find an archaic non-water definition, "a narrow or winding passage." Now that is interesting! The way Mr. Fenn uses it presents a perplexing situation since you are up $hit creek without a paddle and we are certainly in one here at our current spot on the airport.

To fly or not to fly that is the question, but wait there is one last line in this clue "Just heavy loads and water high" that we need to consider that may help us decide.

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