No Place for the Meek

Continued from Six-Pack. In my previous posts I followed the star, we started at the beginning with the roof of the dwelling forming a star on where warm waters halt. We used the last word in clue 1 (halt) as a hint or contiguous connection to solve clue 2 and took the train. The last word in Clue 2 (walk) was used to solve clue 3 and we got baseball and the put in point is the airport (not a water port). So is three times a charm? Lets see! The last word in clue 3 is Brown. So I want to use Brown to solve the 4th clue which appears to be the sentence:

From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high.

I talked about it many times in the Continental Divide - no place for the meek post. It brings to light Mr. Fenn's hint/aberration of the Border's book store when he sells his book sole at the Collected Works bookstore. It also suggests the meek is a spineless person, thus we need a spine or backbone of the Rockies - the Continental Divide.

Gary Mcmahon's song A Cowboyin' Day, lyric's scream Continental Divide:

His saddle’s no place for the meek or the green;

He’s a sho-nuff rip-snortin’ cowboyin’ machine.

And the place that you’re headed is pretty intense;

Continental Divide is the back fence.

But these are all after the fact hints, but what does the poem say?

The last word of clue 3, "Brown," suggests I need to link that to the next clue answer which is a place that is no place for the meek, but the whole sentence describes where that is. The 1981 movie starring Blair Brown (using Brown from the previous clue) is Continental Divide and is the answer to this hint. This makes a lot of sense since we now have the poem's contiguous clue connection supporting the answer to this clue.

I know you are thinking this is all some lame brain imaginative stretch connection The Wolf is using to justify his confirmation bias. Fair enough, so lets look at this closer. Blair Brown is an actress who has been in many movies and she played Jackie Kennedy. This is important because Mr. Fenn has mentioned Jackie many times and it will play an more important role later in the clues hint think quest and Camelot.

Mr. Fenn also suggested we look at the big picture (movie screen perhaps?) and he said "Movies lie to you" in his memoir's chapter Looking for Lewis and Clark. Have you ever wondered what movie he was referring to? Blair Brown starred in a movie The Ultimate Lie, well if that isn't the ultimate proof I do not know what is, but knowing the skepticism and the critical mind of the Fenn searcher field you will need more, so to connect this star with follow the star, she also was in movies, Space and Space Cowboys, and The Astronaut's Wife but it gets better, she was also in Stealing Home (connects the baseball theme) and biggest clincher: One-Trick Pony. This was the aberration presented in Mr. Fenn's memoir "My dad stopped liking her when she said that he was nothing but a cheap, one pony show." Mr. Fenn's clever way of hinting is to make it an aberration for he knows it would be too easy to google search for the real term he really meant: "one-trick-pony."

The last movie that hints to the next part of this clue is Benjamin Franklin and it I believe is one of the more important and obvious poem supported clues.

Finally, I have to bring attention to a A Cowboyin' Day, and that is the saddle. I have discussed the connection to in the wood and the saddle before and it is about to all come together be solving this clue in my next post The End is Ever(Ard) Drawing Nigh..

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