The Six-Pack

My last post lead us to Sweet Spot and the put in below was identified as the Bert Mooney airport with an F-86 Sabre guarding the entrance. The Airport has that Yellowstone connection many searchers yearn for. Most discount this solution because it doesn't have anything to do with Yellowstone. I beg to differ, I mentioned it in my cancer theory and I have a surprise at the end of this solution that promises to nock your sox off (see what I did there?). Bert Mooney flew the first airmail flight into Yellowstone from Butter/Silver Bow. I like Silver Bow it has that treasury arrow head feel to it.

I have discussed the F-86 Sabre previously, when I suggested that the odd numbered 10, 200 feet hint was actually hinting to 10,200 foot-pounds of thrust produced by the Super Sabre, when not in afterburner. The F-86 Sabre was also hinted in Scrapbook 186 with the FU-666 which is curious because 666 is the number of the beast, the Devil, the Prince of Darkness. The matches the term no place for the meek, for the meek by its earliest definition according to the Bible (hinted by lower case spelling in Mr. Fenn's memoir) means God fearing and no place for the meek would be Hell.

That is interesting and I will show how that plays an important role later, but for now it is important to bring your attention to another hint planted in the dust jacket of Mr. Fenn's memoir The Thrill of the Chase.

"All that will be needed are the clues, some resolve, a little imagination, and maybe a six-pack to help celebrate the thrill of a breathtaking discovery. But it takes mettle enough to strike the trail, and enough confidence in a maverick to know that the treasure is really there for the taking."

If you have been following my posts or read my book, I have stated many times, Forrest Fenn must be using the slight of hand because that is what makes good puzzles. We must be lead to naturally think one way and the solver will use their imagination to think another. So "six-pack" has to come under the focus of the searcher's microscope and it is not a pack of beer as Mr. Fenn suggests. I mean does it not sound odd that a non-drinker mentions this to celebrate?

The first hint maybe be to libation as he has referred to it many times and Butte (hinted by the word But) is the only town in the Montana that allows open beer in its streets. BUT Forrest makes his hints stronger than that and often has two parts to them, so never stop looking! The second part here is the six-pack that Forrest Fenn refers to is the nose gun on the F-86F Sabre is called a six-pack. This is exciting to find works that make us smile.

I am not done yet, this F86 six-pack is not the only link to this place, the term six-pack is also a bowling term meaning 6 strikes in a row. Note that Mr. Fenn's quote above also hints to "strike." Thus the home of brown (Sweet Spot) linked to bowling is now also linked to the put in point (airport) and marked by another six-pack - the F86F Sabre.

One final thought to connect all this 6 stuff together before linking it with the solution to the next clue. Mr. Fenn repeats his aberrations, seemingly until they are solved. All correspondence ends an f and sometimes an ff. He says it saves key strokes (another hint to key and strike). the f is the 6th letter of he alphabet. thus f=6, ff=66 and fff = 666. The number of the Sabre and the number of the beast - no place for the meek.

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