Finding the Sweet Spot in the Poem

By following and solving the clues we have thus far identified the home of Brown as "Sweet Spot" but it is outside the Rocky Mountains, thus it is a good idea to look for something with that name in the search area. There are two putt-putt courses in Wyoming and Colorado named "Sweet spot." However, Mr. Fenn says we need to follow the clues and it is unlikely he would allow a searcher to just jump in at clue 3, thus the sweet spot may only describe the area that we seek.

Since we are on the baseball theme, it seems logical to find a baseball diamond to put in below, but we are talking Forrest Fenn here, and just when you are on to him, he switches it up. Thus we need to look at the next clue and other words in the poem that describes this area. This is where the word bold, as in "treasures bold," needs another look. Every word is important and we used treasures to identify the treasure state of Montana but why the word bold other than the rhyme?

Now is the time to take his advice and listen good and bold sounds like bowled. Those wooden pins have a sweet spot when hitting a strike; in my previous post we examined Forrest's suspicious use of the word strike (which also supports baseball and golf).

The first two clues placed us on a train heading through Durant Canyon towards Butte. Following those tracks for 26.25 miles (the length of a marathon, which is also too far to walk because it is "run") leads us to the sweet spot identified by following the star as "Star Lanes" bowling alley. It was also at one time a putt-putt (hinted in A long Ride Home) mini-golf course as listed on the sign below.

(what a beautiful shiny star!)

A few years ago, I put in at the Port of Montana because "put in" is a nautical term referring to going to port. However, "airport" is also a port and the Butte Bert Mooney Airport is considered part of the Port of Montana. Note that moon was the answer to the hint of the first stanza riddle and we now have "Mooney" adding support to the solution. Directly below Star Lanes bowling alley is the entrance to the airport marked by a Sabre Jet (below). That plane type was flown by Forrest Fenn. All that fly fishing talk was not a hint to brown trout, but rather a hint to literally flying as in fly the jet!

Come on, we knew at some point flying had to come into play didn't we? So lets explore the Sabre F-86 and its six pack before we go flying to clue four and where it is no place for the meek ...

@copyright The Wolf. All rights reserved.

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