Revealing the Word that is Key

Consider the Mysterious Writings Six Questions with Forrest Fenn from 2014:

"It is interesting to know that a great number of people are out there searching. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key."

The meaning of this quote has been debated for many years and many have assumed a few searchers have discovered a key word that unlocks the poem, just like the dust jacket from his memoir suggests. That may be true and I have repeated many times that it is not a key word but rather a word that is key. Big Difference!

I have always believed that in order to solve this poem, one must understand the man behind the poem. After several years, a pattern of behaviour has emerged. That pattern indicates Mr. Fenn's words are intentionally tricky but often literal to the point that the answer is staring us right in the eye. I will attempt to prove this later but so far the answers to clues two and two have been answered but the last word of each clue - "walk" and "halt."

So lets look to see if this above quote is talking about searchers or is it really just a literal hint to help us solve the poem. The words, "tight focus with a word that is key," hint to some object that is in tight focus with and is key to unlocking the poem. Note the sentence says the with! So in other words, what is used to be in tight focus with anything? An eye's lens is something used to focus with and a series of lenses are used in a telescope to tightly focus on stars. Thus "tight focus with a telescope - on a star" implies that a telescope or possibly a star could the word that is key.

If true, "star" is the word that is key that can unlock the poem. We started with a star in clue one and we identified a star who is Brown and we are about to find his home that is literally named "Star."

@copyright The Wolf

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