Word that is Allen Key

Today at Mysterious Writings, Mr. Fenn talked about where his special spot that I believe is sweet. The question is asked by Allen K. Four years ago I was the first to suggest that Mr. Fenn hides hints in the names and stories of searcher email, which received plenty of criticism but now it seems an accepted concept.

So lets look at Allen K which sounds like Allen Key. We know that there is much talk about the word that is key and the Allen Key is a product of the Allen Manufacturing Co. of Hartford. I like Hartford, because it contains a common word of Fenn, "ford" and hart which means quick. More on that later.

The Allen key is also known as the hex key from its 6 sided hex shape and we all know I have identified the hexagon or octagon as a key shape because it forms the shape of the star when one connects its apexes. It appears that the follow the star theory is gaining strength and soon all will know how this plays into a good map. Something no one would ever suspect.

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