Scrapbook 191 - Aircraft crash

A new scrapbook 191 from Mr. Fenn today and it talked about landing in Albuquerque when he owned his gallery and a place crashed in front of him. Other than the runway number not being correct (which can happen as the change in magnetic declination occurs over the years, the picture of the plane crash is of a callsign N7225K. However many searchers will see that is an R22 helicopter not the aircraft in the picture. The picture in this scrapbook actually belongs to Piper PA-18 N7265K and it crashed at the Double Eagle Airport near Albuquerque on May 17, 2018.

Notice the picture is photoshopped to change the 6 to a 2 in Forrest's photo. This is an interesting aberration, because it illustrates his ability to photoshop (when he says he doesn't). So what does this mean? Well it it could mean many things, but the airport change to "Double Eagle" is interesting because I believe the contents of the treasure provide clues and double eagles are what are in the treasure chest. So what is important about the double eagle? Well it is a golf term, you know Tiger Woods (brave and in the wood?) and we know he has mentioned golf many times before when he landed his aircraft on a golf course to buy articles from a lady. Also the use of "putt putt" in the Thrill of the Chase is a hint to golf.

Golf plays an import role in determining the home of Brown, which I plan to reveal this month. Stay tuned.

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