Linking Important Literature

If you are like me, you have wondered why Forrest Fenn mentioned these three books as important literature related to solving the poem: The Great Gatsby, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Catcher in the Rye. I believe they define who is Brown.

I have mentioned previously that Mr. Fenn purposely mixed up the story of For Whom the Bells Tolls with Farewell to Arms, which is interesting because he also mixed up the Armstrong limit and hinted to the Apollo 8 thumb incident. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, which begs that "arm" is signifiant to the solution.

The Great Gatsby has the protagonist, Holden Caufield telling his story from a mental institution, which is related to the answer to the riddle clue 1 - crazy. However, I believe to build strength in any solution, there must be correlation to the hints, which means I must find the common link between the three books. That link is Ring Lardner. Bells ring, hinting to why he mentioned For Whom the Bell tolls - bells ring. Mr. Fenn is burying bells, and mentioned ring several times, but the link to these three books is my stronger and defines who is Brown. Ring's name is actually Ringgold, now isn't that treasury sounding?

Ring Lardner is common in two of those books. In Catcher and the Rye, Ring Lardner is Holden Cuafield's favourite author. Both F. Scott Fitzgerald and Earnest Hemingway professed their admiration of his writings. So who is Ring Lardner? He was an author, humorist and American sports columnist for the South Bend Times. I have mention South Bend previously because of its Notre Dame connection, but Tim Brown is not the Brown I am suggesting. Ring Lardner was a friend of Fitzgerald and he was a prominently connected to the man who fixed the 1919 World Series in the book. That character was Meyer Wolfsheim who was also a gambler and was the man who fixed the 1919 World Series. Wolfsheim was modelled after Arnold Rothstein, a mobster and brain behind bribing 8 Chicago White Sox players to throw the world series.

Ring Lardner was the sports columnist who travelled with the team and realized early that something was up and was noted for singing in a train in front of the team, ''I'm Forever Blowing Ballgames'' which is a parody of I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles. Ironically Catcher (in the Rye) is now cleverly linked to a bat catcher or baseball.

Ring Lardner is clearly linked to these three writers, but the really interesting part is that he is also linked to Brown and who he played for and more importantly where is his home is and explains why the Little Girl from India can't locate him.

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