The Real Philadelphia Caper

If you have read this blog, I have mentioned several times that the incident where Forrest Fenn put his thumb over Philadelphia is something he took from Jim Lovell and Apollo 8. The incident was so strong it changed his life and he went from almost falling a sleep in the T-33 to not having a problem staying awake for the rest of the flight. So what really was it he saw that made him wake up? Many think it was a UFO, Saint Elmos Fire, but consider his quote leading up to that incident.

"Then one day in 1969, as I was looking through my Flight Log, my eyes fixed on an entry that had only a brief explanation. But I knew! I remembered every detail of that flight and why I had marked it like that. That flight had been many years before - thirteen to be exact - on the 13th of July, 1956. I had taken an old T-33 jet trainer from Stephenville, Newfoundland, to Pope Field, North Carolina. A party at the Officer's Club in Stephenville had detained me longer than I wanted, and although I was not a drinker, my body was already tired. At about midnight I lifted off for a long, dark flight that would take me down the length of the Eastern Seaboard, across a blur of lights that never slept: Boston, Providence, Hartford, New York, … 97 … Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, and on. Because of the great distance involved, it was necessary to climb as high as possible - 49,000 feet - to save fuel. (Blood will bubble in the human body if pressurization is lost at 50,000 feet unless the pilot is wearing a pressure suit.)"

The year 1969 is significant to the Apollo mission because that is the year Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon. There are a couple of aberrations that tells us this is a hint. The first is 49,000 feet where he says his T-33 Shooting Star (follow the Star) flew, but the T-33 Surface ceiling is only 48,000. Then he says blood boils at 50,000 feet. That too is incorrect, it is at 59,000-62,000 feet and it is properly named the Armstrong Limit. Just 10,000 feet off. Note this is named Armstrong, and he is the first man on the moon in 1969?

Aberrations tell us to look for clues and it is important to understand why this event is so important and why he told us the exact date 13th of July, 1956. If you google that date and aircraft crashes near Philadelphia you will see he would have been right over McGuire AFB at the time of the Thumb incident. That is the date a military DC-6 cargo plane crashed killing 46 and injuring 21 people. That certainly would keep anyone awake. Now for the interesting part. The aircraft was destine to Stephenville en route to England. Stevenville??? That is just the same place Mr. Fenn had taken off from at non other than 49 degrees north latitude. The crash is located in the exact same place Mr. Fenn place his thumb over Philadelphia! What are the odds?

So what is it about that plane crash that can help us solve the clues in the poem. Why did he want us to find this? What is it about Armstrong or Arm-strong that we need to know?

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