Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The forward in Mr. Fenn's latest book Once Upon A While had an interesting quote by Doug Preston. He stated, "The final clue, he said, would be where they found his car: in the parking lot of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science." Lets hold the parking lot for a second and look at the 'big picture" as MR. Fenn advises. I have included a Google Earth image of the park beside the parking lot adjacent to the museum. Notice the Octagonal shaped object resembling a stop sign or "halt sign?"

I mentioned the first clue of halt is a stop sign at Warm Springs

And you are probably shouting at me stating this is supposed to be the final clue and I hear yah, but I also am saying that the last clue is the same as the first. Not the same location but the same answer - stop or star if you have read my follow the star theory.

This is a bold prediction, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Now lets get back to that parking lot, if you look at the exit of the parking lot where Forrest would have left his car, there is a stop sign. So we have our answer, but wait, lets use some common sense. The final clue is not in the parking lot of the museum, but rather the stop sign is the answer to the final clue and must be located by following the clues or the star.

Now that we are on the right track, lets talk tracks. Outside the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are wolf tracks scattered around the perimeter of the museum which lead to the pack of wolves strategically located at the museum entrance (see photo). Now that we have picked up the scent of the treasure, follow along as we hone in on the next clues.

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