The Bullet - the answer to clue 2

Mr. Fenn often talks about his old car, The Bullet, named by Peggy because it was shot. It was important enough to mention it again in his latest book Once Upon a While." The Bullet is also a famous train in Japan.

Forrest Fenn says the clues are contiguous and with so many vague ways to interpret them there must be a way to unlock them as he alludes to. So does contiguous mean that the previous clue answers the next? That type of pattern certainly would provide confidence it one was able to sew all the contiguous clues together in that fashion. I stated that the first clue was defined at Warm Springs because it literally halted with a stop sign. The first clue is - begin it where warm waters halt, thus halt by this contiguous theory means that it is a hint to what the second clue is - and take it in the canyon down not far but too far to walk. The big question everyone asks is what is "it?" Well it is defined by the first clue "halt" or a train stop, thus it must be a train. This is very treasure hunter clever, as all treasure hunts or great puzzles have some kind of misdirection we must work through.

Most are thinking water and river in a canyon, but there really is no water since it pretty much halts at Warm Springs, but there is a rail road that leads to Durant Canyon to the south (with is also down). Ever wonder why Mr. Fenn titled his book Once Upon a While? The word "while"means during, and the French word Durant means while or during. His doctor Taylor Floyd sounds similar to Taylor Field, the former name of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He once said the treasure is not in Eastern Saskatchewan, thus Taylor Field hints to the Roughrider star quarterback (Forrest says never under estimate the power of a quarter) at the time of the book writing, Darian Durant. Durant sure could throw a bullet to his receivers and as a result won Saskatchewan a Grey cup the year Mr Fenn wrote his book. This is what I speculate is the reason for mentioning both Saskatchewan and football in his discussions.

Durant was named CFL's West Division All-Star at quarterback in 2009. Notice I used the word star? All good treasure hunts have a theme and I believe the winning theme or key that unlocks this poem is star as in follow the star.

Next post we will discuss how far is too far to walk and how this star leads us to another sports star who goes by the name Brown.

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