Fenn's Psychedelic Breakfast

Mr. Fenn recently answered an interesting question from Jenny's Mysterious Writings.

Dear Forrest, My Granddad always told me that fixing your eggs sunny side up is one habit of highly successful people. Does this ring true for you as well, or is there a better way to start ones day? Sincerely, Kristina

Kristina, I can’t think of a better breakfast if it comes with bacon, toast and a glass of milk. I think unsuccessful people might like it also. f

This is so loaded with hints I do not know where to start so I will just focus on the breakfast. Whenever I see the word "bacon," I think of Homer Simpson, "hmmmm bacon..." of course this coincidentally links to Mr. Fenn's mother who was a Simpson. Sure I know it is loosely connected, so while you exercise patience I will get to it. Sunny side up eggs come from chickens and Fenn's grandmother Arie watched Comanche Indians chase chickens in her backyard with her nose pressed to the window. A window of opportunity relating to the sun is approaching with the autumn equinox approaching in two days when the sun provides 12 hours of daylight.

The God of the Sun is Apollo, which is also the name of the spacecraft that carried the first man, Jim Lovell, to view the dark side of the moon for the first time in Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve. As Lovell rounded the dark side of the moon, he held out his thumb and covered earth where he realized how vulnerable and fragile earth is, which of course is what Mr. Fenn copied when he wrote of covering Philadelphia with his thumb in the T-33 Silver Star. Philadelphia is famous for Rocky (Rocky Mountains) and featured a famous fighter named Apollo Creed, which links to this Apollo mission. Apollo Creed's name is derived from the Apostle's Creed, which is linked to Christ. The Apollo mission occurred on the eve of Christ's birthday, which is even more suspicious since the author's name (Kristina) of this question is derived from Christ.

What is really interesting is Mr. Fenn, T.S. Eliot quote, "We shall not cease exploration ..." was also used by the Apollo program and quoted during this specific "thumb" event as can be read here.

Milk is on this breakfast menu, which has long been a puzzle to me until now. Bessie the cow, who he milked before going going to school is pictured above left and that looks really close to Pink Floyd's (who also have an album named Dark Side of the Moon) Album cover Atom Heart Mother (pictured above right). This album contained the the final track, Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast which of course is the theme of Fenn's Q&A. Forrest said "Until you have loved a cow, part of your soul remains undiscovered." Love or heart and mother have a very significant meaning to the location of the treasure chest, and Fenn's Psychedelic Breakfast.

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