Solving Forrest Fenn's Biggest Mystery - The missing ball of String.

"Even to this day the mystery of what happened to my string ball remains one of the great unsolved crimes in my family." ~ Forrest Fenn The Thrill of the Chase

This mystery has enthralled many searches since the ink of Mr. Fenn's word's first dried. Now consider another Forrest Fenn quote, "I felt like an architect drawing that poem." I feel these words hint to more than just one thing other than drawing and "nailing down" a dwelling roof previously mentioned in solving Where Warm Waters Halt.

There is a famous architect, turned singer who goes by the name of Weird Al Yankovich. He composes song parodies and one of them is titled "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota." His song video contains lots of postmarks similar to The Thrill of the Chase and it might explain why Forrest wrote of his mother's attempt to ignore he questions about the missing ball of string, "She didn't answer, but just kept nodding and looking out of the window. I think she was watching for the postman or something." The postman hinting to those postmarks in the memoir and possibly hinting to this song.

One concept synonymous with tightly wound string is baseball. The two figure 8 cowhide patterns, also raise interest as will be discussed in upcoming posts.

I know what you are thinking, "So what Wolf, there are many coincidents and this a big stretch." Yes, and I agree, however this aberration gains strength when you see the building that biggest ball of twine is stored (see inserted picture in Darwin, MN). The shape is similar to our octagon dwelling on top of Warm Springs. We are well on our way to de-clewing this first clue.

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