Solving - Where Warm Waters Halt -literally

I previously discussed Warm Springs a few years back. I mentioned the that Mr. Fenn's memoir had an interesting hint, "In the spring when it is warm" and that the season of spring begins in March which is also used in military drill (marching). The main command in military drill to stop is "halt."

Mr. Fenn says searchers do not spend enough time dwelling on the first clue and that if they do not have the first clue nailed down they should stay home and play Canasta. This begs the question, "What does dwell and nailed down have in common?"

The answer is obviously dwell or dwelling has a roof and that is what is nailed down. Yet another seeming riddle solved. So what does this have to do with anything? Mr. Fenn has also stated many people have got the first two clues correct and went by the other seven. None of these searchers knew what they had. We know also that they won't know they have the first clue correct until they have solved the last. But is there something else in his words?

What if searchers got the first two clues correctly, like I did several years ago, but actually did not solve the clues? Stay with me, I am getting there. Many searchers just logically justify the first clue, but if we solve it then we have more to go on. More confidence in our solution to keep going.

So why come up with forced and vague meanings to halt when we can use Mr. Fenn's word, "SIMPLIFY" and just solve the clue? The simplest and most straight forward answer to halt is stop. The simplest most straight forward understanding of warm waters is a warm spring of more specifically warm springs since waters implies plural springs.

Mr. Fenn also said, "There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts”. So if we look at the big picture of Warn Springs from 10,000 feet above and "dwell" on clue one, we see the dwelling is

actually an octagon which is a stop sign. So naturally the "solve" of where warm waters halt is at the stop sign on top of Warm Springs. See how straight forward and simple that is? Now why did I not think of that earlier?

Oh, I almost forgot, look at those initials JF. Now where have we seen that before? Hint, look on page Gretzky of The Thrill of the Chase.

Next post I will discuss using a special theme to solving the remainder of the clues.

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