"Searchers Blog" content to explode

For those who have purchased my book Finding Forrest Fenn version 3.5, I have published on the last page the password to the "Searchers Blog". In the coming days, I will be publishing my research and work accumulated of the past three years that will introduce new material and concepts never discussed on the forums before. The new topics include the popular questions:

  • The answers to the riddles in stanza 1 and how far is too far to walk.

  • Where Warm Waters Halt

  • The answer to the home of Brown

  • The key to linking the contiguous clues.

  • The Good Map (it will surprise you)

  • The "High 5" aberration and who is JBB

  • The End is ever drawing nigh

  • The illusion of the your creek.

  • Proving the answer to heavy loads and water high ( not what you think)

  • What is "I"

  • The trick to looking quickly down

  • What the "Chest" really means

  • The clues contained in stanza 5 and 6.

  • Putting an X on the Good Map.

  • The Jackie O and Helen Keller connection

  • And much more.

All leading to a solution to the poem like no other. Be prepared to be amazed by Mr. Fenn's puzzle creating capability!

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