Lets Help JDiggins (Jamie)

Jamie is a wonderful person who represents the true spirt of the Thrill of the Chase. She is pictured here in the middle between Forrest and Shilo. Recently, she lost her home and business to wild fires in Northern California. This is what she wrote today:

Forrest said to read the blogs for entertainment. For over four years now I've been a part of this chase and have come to know you all as my chase family. I never blogged before, but found myself absorbed in the conversations and reading the thoughts of you, my fellow searchers. My husband has had a hard time adjusting to my involvement, as such, but he's always understood how important it was to me. Now his understanding is even greater! On July 27th, the Ranch fire started. We even drove by it coming home from getting supplies for the business. It was a good twenty miles from our home, and It didn't look that big. Our wonderful firefighters are usually able to knock out a fire pretty quick. When we got home about a half hour later, we turned on the scanner. We could here the firefight first hand. It was up to 300 acres and one firefighter commented, "if we had some air support we could knock this thing out right now". Unfortunately, the folks in Redding, Yosemite and several other ares were dealing with much larger incidents and our California strike teams were already stretched thin. On July 28th, my friend and business partner was evacuated from her home, also our business location. That night we lost both her home and the company, along with everything we had both been working hard and investing significantly to support our families. On July 29th, we were evacuated, along with half the county, per se, due to the now dual fires rapidly advancing toward us. We loaded as much clothing and personal items in our truck and trailer as we could. We got our dog, but couldn't get our two cats. My husband started the rv and noticed it was leaking oil. Regardless, I drove the truck and trailer and he the rv, and we fled down the five mile dirt road toward safety. We eventually had to leave the rv as it broke down, finally emerging with our truck and trailer. Luckily we have been hosted by my husband's brother and his wife, but it's hard to not feel like a burden after so long. I've since been glued to the reports of my local friends, Facebook news, etc. I watched this fire devour everything in its path. On August 3rd, I saw a local video that showed where my home was, engulfed in a 300 foot high, quarter mile or more wall of flame. Just a small section in comparison to the scope of this monster. All I can say at this point is that I am only one of many that lost virtually everything EXCEPT our lives. We made it to safety. My daughter made it to safety. Everyone made it to safety. Thanks due to the outstanding efforts of our law enforcement, first responders and the like. They are absolutely amazing! And so are all of you. Forrest, Dal, Kpro, Jenny, Senn, Cowlazers (mike), janet...i can't even remember how many folks are in on this recovery effort for me. I am beside myself with the outpouring of love and support. Thank you EVERYONE for your kind comments, thoughts, prayers and support. Thanks to all of you it makes the weight of uncertainty and fear feel a whole lot lighter. God bless!!!

Jamie is a tough cookie and her positive attitude will ensure her family makes it through this ordeal. But I like many of you want to help so , I will donate all revenue from my August book sales to Jamie. Normally I donate all sales to cancer research (Terry Fox Org) but this month is JDiggins month!

Also, fellow searchers KPro (Kristie) and Mike Cowlings have organized a draw and for every $25 donated, a ticket will be issued for a draw for Forrest Fenn literature and memorabilia including Forrest Fenn's prized search coin #001 donated by Forrest Fenn himself, memoirs: TTOTC - 1st Edition, TFTW, OUAW. All of the memoirs are signed by Forrest Fenn. You can make your payments via Paypal DONATE NOW TO JDIGGINS. For more information check out Jenny's Mysterious Writings.

All proceeds will go to Jamie (JDiggins).

This is the perfect opportunity for all searchers to donate and help out our friend and fellow searcher, JDiggins.

Please show support and the donations will be accepted up to August 31.

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