My Kidney Stone Decoy

I once followed my Kidney stone theory and found this kidney stone shaped object precisely (within 5 feet) where I predicted it to be. I wasn't exactly looking for it but it just happened to match. I didn't even notice it until after I returned home and looked at the film.

A year later I returned and the secret kidney stone was gone. It just vanished out of thin air. There was no mistaking this stone was man made, but what was it, who made it and why is where I thought the treasure was? I thought it was a decoy among many other things. I even asked jokingly if Mr Fenn had seen my kidney stone? He never answered me directly, but miraculously he came out of his doctor ordered internet hiatus (lasted only 3 days) with this comment:

"Please don’t count me out yet. I’m just easing back a bit and walking much more than sitting. It was a needed change and the effects are already being felt. Tesuque dug a mushroom and ate it without knowing the rules. The resulting seizure lasted a few hours, but now she’s back to chasing chipmunks again. Hopefully she learned from the experience. f" Mysterious Writings

Mushroom/kidney stone, you decide. I just wondered what rule Tesuque was supposed to know. All I know is my seizure lasted about that long, and something magical did happen and we aren't talking mushrooms here! I had since forgotten about it being a decoy but I often wondered what it was and why it went missing.

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