A tribute to Stephen Hawking

On Pi day Steven Hawking, a British theoretical physicist famous for universe inception and black hole research, passed away. He is also remembered for surviving ALS for as long as he did and his distinct American synthesized voice. It seems fitting that such a brilliant mind would choose Pi day, the day Albert Einstein was born, to leave Earth and explore to see if heaven actually exists.

Many are aware that Mr. Fenn, has many aberrations related to Einstein including “Imagination is more important than knowlege” (misspelled knowledge) and the false quote (actually said by Churchill) “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.” One might even consider the frequent links to pies as further support for Einstein’s relevance to the poem's solution. However, there is one other aberration which has never been discussed and now it is finally time to do so.

Mr. Fenn has mentioned people in wheel chairs out searching and he also said, “There are many disabled people who are deeply into maps and geography and they are having a lot of fun.” Two words that stuck out in that comment are “deep” and “disabled,” as deep is in his two most famous quotes “how deep is a hole” and “It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure.” Mr. Fenn’s most recent book cover, Once Upon A While prominently displays stars and is consistent with my “Follow the Stars” theory. Is it possible that Fenn's deep thinker describes the man most famous for knowing how deep is a hole, is the king of black holes? It certainly makes sense when we consider Fenn's disabled quote, for Stephen Hawking spent most of his life in a wheel chair. Stephen Hawking was also a guest on the Simpsons and we all know Forrest’s mom was a Simpson, so the question now becomes what deep space black hole are we searching for or is it deep sea as we know Mr. Fenn would like to do life all over again as a deep sea diver. One thing for sure this King of the Hawks will keep us guessing for a brief history of time.

Now consider the following Fenn quotes:

  • “The radiator alone is worth $450”

  • “I’m getting dizzy, will someone please send me an Extra Strength Tylenol. My address is: Forrest Fenn PO Box 8174 Santa Fe, NM 87504 To my knoyledge that’s the only PO Box I have now. The other one I had halted when hot water poured out of my hot water heater onto the cold cement floor.”

  • "The engine was in the water and the [radiator] fan was throwing sprays all over the place and making noise like a helicopter."

  • “We always had a big canvas water bag tied on the front of the car.”

Mr. Fenn has given a series of hints or conversations that refer directly or indirectly to radiator, radiative cooling. What is it about radiators, evaporation or radiation that he feels the need to repeat? Certainly, when speaking of the blaze, the sun's radiation is a viable option. Forrest’s link and common reference to atom bombs is another source, but there is one final radiation consideration and that is Hawking Radiation, which was developed by Stephen Hawking to discuss blackbody radiation from black holes also known as black hole evaporation. Now the question becomes, what is the black hole or black body that unlocks the mystery of the treasure? Only the king of the hawks knows!

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