Super Blue Blood Wolf Moon

Tomorrow is a super blue blood wolf moon. This is a very rare event that will be witnessed best in the western part of North America. Of course wolves are already partial to full moons, but I am particularly more excited in January when a full moon occurs, because it is known as a Wolf moon. A blue moon defined by two full moons in a month, thus this January has two blue-wolf moons, so you can see why I am howling with excitement.

This blue-wolf moon is also a supermoon, which is closer to Earth that normal, appearing bigger and brighter. During the morning of January 31st a total lunar eclipse will also occur and it is called a blood moon. The moon will have a reddish, copper colour when the moon is completely covered by Earth's shadow.

For those who are members of my Searcher’s blog, I will soon be including a very exciting answer to the the Forrest Fenn’s poem riddle and explain why this event is the key to solving the Fenn poem. Until then, enjoy the show at 05:30 EST. The next super blood Wolf moon occurs on 21 Jan 2019. It is not blue, but it will be a spectacular view in the UK at 0515.

Lucky Charms contain blue moons but only once in a The Wolf blue moon does a treasure hunt this good come along!

"The fact that nobody has found it I'm frankly surprised. I would hope that somebody would find it before too long.” ~Forrest Fenn


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