Chasing the Walmat Star *

When I first discussed my follow the star theory, it was interpreted as perhaps a little too far out there. My concepts are often considered too complex. Sure, it may seem that way on the surface, but it is by design. Now that Mr. Fenn released his book “Once Upon a While” with him fishing from the heavens using a star as bait, this follow the star theory is gaining plausibility.

Now consider two aberrations that Fenn has said in the past:

“*If you tell your solve to a friend, don't be surprised if she shops at Gucci while you fill your cart at Walmart. f”

“A cab brought me home and I’m resting comfortably by Tesuque and my warm little fire, but I guess they towed my car to the Walmart parking lot.”

The first quote even includes an * or star to make the hint clear and in the second quote, who really believed his car was towed to Walmart and not a service station anyway?

Now that we have a legitimate aberration, so what? Well, the logo just happens to be a star or an asterisk. That * that was suspiciously added to the end of Chapter 1 in his memoir, The Thrill of the Chase without an explanation. This Walmart Star increases the validity of the follow the star theory. Now if we can just find that star we can begin to follow it…

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