The Ice Bowl

One of the greatest football games ever played is also the coldest football game ever played and dubbed as the “Ice Bowl” and will live in infamy. It also happens to have some very strong links to Forrest Fenn’s poem, in particular, “worth the cold and “treasures bold” (sounds like bowled). By design many things fit the poem’s words, but is there something concrete behind the words?

The IceBowl was the 1967 NFC Championship played at a temperature of -18F between the Dallas Cowboys and the GreenBay packers and was won by the Green Bay Packers on the last play of the game. What makes this game and last minute play so interesting is it is an almost replica of Forrest Fenn’s Glory is Never Enough story in his latest book, Once Upon A While.

Forrest describes the himself as a “star” 98 pound quarterback of the Temple Junior High School Kittens who makes a one yard quarterback sneak behind his centre and friend Edard. He described it as daring feat of mental and physical dexterity, synonymous to brave. During the last play of the Ice Bowl, Green Bay’s quarterback is more than just a star, he is number 15, Bart Starr. I have been promoting the “follow the star” theory for some time and it appears Mr. Fenn is confirming this with a star filled cover of his new book and a subtle hint to him being the star quarter back who is actually Bart Starr. Bart wore #15 which is an often repeated number by Mr. Fenn as highlighted in my Eye-15 post.

Forrest's "star 98 pound" reference seems suspicious and it is coincidentally the name of the Cumulus Media Green Bay radio station "Star 98" which was also created the same year as the Ice Bowl.

Another interesting link to this story is the opposing team quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Don Meredith. Forrest mentions his connection to Don Meredith in Passage One. The Dallas Cowboy logo is a prominent star on the helmet, representing the Lone Star state, which leads me to think this is why he wears a cowboy hat and talks about Texas so much. One other link to football and this theory is Forrest's “Why I don’t go Shopping” story from Once Upon A While, which discusses a story where he goes shopping for some supplies for the football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos.

The “Follow the Star(r)” theory is gaining momentum but the trick is to find the starting point in order to follow the star to the treasure.

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