The Chase takes its toll on Forrest Fenn

"This thing is taking a toll on me," he added in an email to NBC News

With now three official deaths and rumoured to be as high as six deaths, five in the past two months, Mr. Fenn has finally admitted the treasure hunt deaths are taking a toll on him. Surely he did not anticipate his gift and goal to get the young'ens off the couch and into the mountains, to turn deadly, but the treasure hunt has been marred with unintended consequences.

Forrest Fenn is caught between a rock and a hard place. He can't call it quits because so many have invested so much time and money into this treasure hunt. Some are extremely close, with one party rumoured to have solved all the clues, it is obvious this treasure hunt is past the point of no return.

All we can do now is promote safety and encourage people to head out in the mountains using common sense. Only go where an 80 year old man could go carrying a 22 pounds from his car in two trips.

Hunt safe!

The People magazine article article on Eric Ashby's death listed here

Westward article says news of Eric Ashby Death goes National

#EricAshby #raftsafety

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