Forrest Fenn confirms raft safety message

When I posted my safety message I placed in large bold "NO NEED TO CROSS A RIVER ON FOOT OR FLOAT A RAFT DOWN A RIVER" of course two biased and misguided searchers immediately tried to discredit this message of common sense, suggesting Mr. Fenn has never said such a thing. That is the typical thought process of a Fenn treasure hunter infected with gold fever. They will always rationalize their personal bias and will never listen to another searcher, even when they speak from a professional perspective. Whether Mr. Fenn said it or not, it irrelevant as it is a message of common sense.

The first step to get yourself killed treasure hunting is to ignore common sense. As anticipated, Mr. Fenn has once again held out his hand to assist the mindless zealots and those who lack common sense when treasure hunting. Mr. Fenn's latest quote:

"It is terrible that Mr. Ashby is lost, but it is not likely that he was looking for the treasure. I have said many times that I was about 80 when I made two trips in one afternoon from my car to hide it. There was no reason for him to enter class 5 rapids in a small boat..."

So you can take it from a professional SAR person or you can listen the the master of the hunt himself, Don't be a mindless zealot, stay away from rafts in this treasure hunt!

#raftsafety #safety #raft

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