Eye 15

There is significant discussion surrounding the bathroom picture in Forrest Fenn's scrapbook 99.5 where it was pointed out by Mindy that the knobs are photoshopped onto the cabinets. She supplied this close up photo. (bottom photo)

You can tell it is photoshopped by the pixelation around the knob and the colour mismatch, but there is one other more telling indication. The top knob (of three group) is under the sink. That is not a drawer but a filler panel to hid the sink. There is never a knob on those filler planks because they are not drawers and are fixed in place. So what does this mean?

First, look at the knob up close, what does it look like? It is blurry but it is obviously an eye ball. What does this have to do with the poem? Well the line "Why is it that I must go" and Mr. Fenn says we have to solve the riddle in the poem and that riddle hint is "Why is it that eye must go." But that is not the answer. Mr. Fenn's puzzle is much more sophisticated than that. Count the number of knobs and you get 16. One of those knobs is obviously not supposed to be there so do the math and we have 15 actual knobs.

The number 15 is very significant, he does think anyone should do anything more than 15 years, there is the 15 years to make the poem and the 15 years after he got cancer to which he hid the treasure. The latter is an aberration because 15 years after he hid the treasure is 2003 not 2009 or 10 like he said it was.

So what does this mean? Solve the riddle ... count the eye knobs and we get 15 eye knobs or "eye-15" and eye 15 is a homophone for I-15. So we have part of the clue solved. We have an interstate highway called I 15 which runs north and south from Sweet Grass, Montana through Idaho and Idaho has been eliminated leaving just Montana as the state the treasure is hidden and likely along the I-15. Note I-16 is in the state of Georgia, which is also of interest because he asked Marty Kreis where her home was when she was stuck searching and her home is in Georgia.

Another hint is the 99.5, which sounds like a radio station and if you look it up, you will see there is KBLL-FM, The Bull a Montana radio station based in Hellina, which has just happens to be on the I-15. It was acquired by Cherry Creek, creek being another poem word.

Mr. Fenn talks a lot about Sitting Bull and the peace pipe linked to "peace" from the poem. The big question, is Forrest Fenn linking Sitting Bull to the radio station and the Eye-15?

One final consideration, Mr. Fenn always emphasizes to start at the beginning and the beginning of I-15 is Sweet Grass, Mt. Later, we will discuss the significance of Sweet, grass, and the poem but right now it is still in Skunk Works.

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