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Over the past two years I have been posting various theories and clue possibilities to compliment my search adventures documented in my book Finding Forrest Fenn. Most searchers appreciated the writings, especially the imaginative ones. However, treasure hunting is very competitive and at times I felt searchers did not want me to publicly reveal as much as I did, so when the Chase politics became too much, I removed over 50 blog posts as it was interfering with my efforts to raise cancer awareness.

After some careful consideration, I managed to find a way to support cancer research and treasure hunter safety and still share my thoughts and theories which I believe will assist searchers in their quest to find the Fenn treasure.

With release of the 3rd edition of Finding Forrest Fenn, I included a membership access to my research blog. Anyone who purchases a copy of this 3rd edition after 11 July 2017, will not only be supporting cancer research, but will also be entitled special access to my thorough research through the Searcher's Blog.

Enjoy and thank you for supporting cancer research!

#TheWolf #ForrestFenn #FennTreasure

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