New Release of Finding Forrest Fenn

I have decided to update my book Finding Forrest Fenn and release version 3.1. The latest version has two new chapters:

1. An updated 71 point checklist to verify (or nullify) and test your solution with Fenn stated facts.

2. Safety considerations and planning guide for mountain hiking and treasure hunting.

The original popular checklist had 46 Fenn stated facts, which is now updated with all the latest filters for treasure hunters to screen their solutions. It includes Mr. Fenn's latest "not under a manmade object", "not in a desert" and "not under water" and the latest admission to which line in the poem is clue #1.

I have 28 years experience in Search and Rescue and have seen and understand why people get into trouble and endanger their lives. I endured an educational week long winter mountain survival course and I require annual safety equipment certifications and have written papers and advised Canadian and World safety groups on satellite based emergency devices. I felt the need to pass along some of that knowledge and advice to the Fenn treasure hunting community in hope that they will stay safe while hunting in my updated book. You may read my safety tips here.

All revenue received from the sale of Finding Forrest Fenn will continue to be donated to Cancer Research and the Terry Fox Organization. Thank you for your support.

The Wolf

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