The Show must go on

As with anything big, no matter how big the tragedy or setback, the show must go on. This was announced today in The Westward. The reality is Mr. Fenn has no choice, he cites 600 emails for continuing the Chase and 8 requesting to stop it. In the end he feels too many people have invested time into the search and it would be fair to them. He has said that it is out of his hands before and nothing has changed as far as cancelling the Chase.

There have been too many people would have invested time and money int this and many searchers have searched over 50 times and one has searched over 100 times. So one can only imagine how much emotional strain pulling the chest would have on those people.

Mr. Fenn said, he would work with the States involved to make sure The Chase is safer. That is a very good idea and he knows where people are making the deadly and risky errors, he just needs to spell it out.

Forum/Blog owners need to promote safety as well, I strongly suggest they place a safety message that is easily viewable on their website with a few of Mr. Fenn's quotes. I particularly like this one,

"and with my last gasping breath I was going to go out there and fling myself on top of that treasure chest and let my bones go back to the dirt."~ Moby Dickens book signing

There is absolutely no way Mr. Fenn can accomplish this goal if the treasure chest is in water. So folks need to stay out of water and for those who feel they need to cross water, remember Forrest said he was 80 when he hid the chest and now he is 86 and he recently admitted he can't walk 50 yards without the need to sit down. That is another big clue, many feel he walked miles because he use the word "miles" in the less than a few miles hint, but it is obvious by his latest hint that the distance from his car to treasure chest is not likely further than 200-500 feet. I am willing to bet it was closer to 50 feet but 500 feet should keep people from getting lost.

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