My Pillar New Mexico Search

Many of those coming to my website are curious about the Forrest Fenn Thrill of the Chase and what inspires searchers to uncalculated risks. The place where Paris Wallace searched is common amongst treasure hunters, in fact, I wrote of a search adventure in that exact place in my book Finding Forrest Fenn. The term "put in" is a nautical and kayaking term that means to put your kayak into a river.

I created an imaginative search scenario with my son, where we "put in" in the exact location Paris Wallace did. I included a twist in the story which involved a parody on another searcher's belief the treasure chest is in an alien womb. I kid you not! Fenn searchers are highly imaginative and crazy at times, but they do provide plenty of entertaining ammunition for authors writing about the Chase.

The cool part of the story is I discovered a hidden artist's gem worth visiting.

To read more a sample of my other crazy adventures check out my Sample Chapter.

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