Is it time to drain the Fenn Chase pool?

Mr. Fenn obviously has a heavy heart with now two deaths linked to the Chase and two more rumoured in Yellowstone within the last two weeks.

Mr Fenn said. “If someone drowns in the swimming pool we shouldn’t drain the pool, we should teach people to swim.”

Fair enough, no need to take drastic measures, but it begs the question, is Mr. Fenn doing enough to teach his searchers how to swim in the Chase? I mean some people can't be taught how to swim such as babies and very small children or people with hydrophobia. Those individuals need to be prevented from being near a pool or need close supervision when near a pool. Close supervision seems impractical unless he plans on issuing "Thrill of the Chase licenses" that are only awarded when they pass the Chase entrance exam. Maybe searchers need a certain score like an Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), or Chase Aptitude Test (CAT) in order for them to freely rome the Rockies in search of the trove, otherwise they will need to be supervised by someone who passed the CAT.

I previously said, sending a target fixated sea level urbanite into the high altitude Rockies without training is a recipe for disaster, so teaching these reckless renegades is an almost impossible task. Kind of like letting babies run unsupervised around a pool deck.

I suggested earlier the poem is set up as a guise, it suggests things that simply are not real. That is what makes great treasure hunts. Unfortunately, the poem suggests the searcher needs to conduct dangerous activities with words like "no place for the meek", "if you are brave", "heavy loads and water high", "no paddle up your creek." It almost begs those naive urbanites to dive head first into those raging rapids.

Since supervision and "Chase licenses" are impractical, does teaching the gullible treasure seeker how to swim involve spelling out to them that those poem words are really not to be taken literally and actually mean something totally different? Will he finally tell them that there is no water to deal with? No deep forest trenching required or no steep cliffs to climb? Is that Mr. Fenn's idea of teaching the Chase searcher to swim?

We will find out in a few days how exactly Mr. Fenn plans to administer swimming lessons, as he said, “I am thinking of ways to make the search for my treasure safer, and expect to make an announcement in the next few days”

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