Stop the Insanity

With the recent death of Pastor Paris Wallace from Colorado and two other rumoured deaths in Yellowstone this past week tied to the Fenn treasure hunt, it is time for Fenn treasure hunters to urgently reevaluate their solutions. If the above is proven to be true, the total will be four treasure hunter deaths including Randy Bilyeau since December 2016 and many more people who became lost or endangered their lives.

Mr. Fenn has reiterated that searchers do not go where an 80 year old could not carry a 42 lb box of treasure. Just because he says it is wet doesn't mean it is in a raging river. Just because he says you are brave in and the wood doesn't mean you have to scale high cliffs. Common sense has to dictate.

Remember if you are searching, do not do it alone! Take an alternate means of tracking and emergency alerting with out when out of cell phone range. A 406 PLB or Iridium based tracking and alerting systems work best, like the Solaradata Field tracker 2100. Always leave a detailed plan of where you are going with someone responsible and check in with them at least twice a day.

Carry survival gear with you if you are going more than a few a kilometre away from your parked car of even leaving a established trail. Survivor gear includes: food, water, proper clothing, matches, bug spray, and a GPS are requirements. Do not make eye contact with wild animals as they may find it a threat.

If this doesn't convince you to think twice, I suggest you watch the move, "127 Hours" or read about Danny Boyle's ordeal here to understand why you do not travel alone in the wild.

For those who have not read my book, I illustrated how tunnel vision, target fixation and other crazy things searchers think of when out looking for the Fenn treasure. I even wrote a parody of Dal Neitzel's, "The Shaft" experience where he was talked into being hoisted into a deep mineshaft, to make a point. Treasure hunters all want to be Indiana Jones rappelling down steep cliffs and do things they normally do not do. In my writings I put a spin (pun intended) on it with a Spider-Man parity, where I was leaping from scant to scant. Do not be the next search and rescue statistic!

Mr Fenn has recently clarified the treasure is not in a desert and most of the Rio Grande river is not in the Rocky Mountains, so if your solution is in those areas, get a new one that allows a 80 year old to easily hide a treasure. Mr. Fenn at nearly 87 is not very mobile these days, yet he still claims he could go back and get the treasure today, so think about that when you mistakenly followed the clues which involve wading through a raging river!

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