If you are a treasure hunter who frequents this blog, you may have noticed some changes. I have archived approximately 50 treasure hunting blog posts containing some 31,000 words. Why? When I wrote my book Finding Forrest Fenn, I wrote it for two audiences: treasure hunters and the general public. It was a difficult task to meet this objective and it is not an ordinary Fenn treasure hunting book. When I say that, I mean, it isn't a book that claims where the treasure is hidden, but it is rather a book designed to show beginners to The Chase what it is like to hunt for the Fenn Treasure and prepares them for the ups and downs they definitely will experience and it illustrates what a searcher's mind will encounter along the way. For the advanced searcher, it touched on some imaginative and unique thinking, which Mr. Fenn claims is a key ingredient to solving his poem.

For the first two years, the book was mainly aimed at the treasure hunting community and all money raised was donated to cancer research. My blog contained many articles discussing the various aspects of the Chase, including the latest scrapbooks and new poem solving ideas as an incentive to donate to cancer research. That phase has run its course and it has become obvious that marketing books to the competition is not always going to positively benefit my charity.

Thus it is time to switch gears and focus on the main public. So what is in it for them? Well my book is not a "how to find the treasure" book. It is a humous and sometimes imaginative adventure about a guy and his family who embark on a journey. It gives a real life account of what treasure hunting is really like. The audience will ride the emotional roller coaster, be entertained by some imaginative and creative stories that actually happened with a few plot twists along the way.

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