Apophenia or Pareidolia

If you have read my book, I used pareidolia a few times in my solutions. I can't help it I seem to see pictures of object in everything. I just don't know whether that is a hindrance or an asset. So I suffer from apophenia? Take Mr. Fenn's latest SB 174 for instance. Take a look at the picture of Blanco Canyon do you seen anything of interest? Do you see the horse complete with blaze?

Ok how about now? I zoomed in to the area, can you see it? The dark green bush it the eye and the white streak is the the horses blaze and nostrils.

Ok, still can't see it? How about this then?

Forrest talks of a coal-black race horse in this scrapbook. Yet there is this hidden horse, I think it looks like a Belgian. Belgians originated in Belgium from the Black Horse of Flanders. Why does that sound familiar?

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