The Party is Over

After introducing the Star-key in my last post, it is easy to understand how many tangents or radial directions the rays of the star can take. I wanted to talk about Chuck Yeager some more because of his Wright/Right stuff connection with Buzz Aldrin, but I will save that for another day because Mr. Fenn has published something a little more relevant and pressing.

During my last post I mentioned Ringo Starr was the conductor of the children’s show Shiny Time Station. This is a nice coincidence, because Mr. Fenn just posted his Gets Mail-14 from Diane where she talks about her grandfather being a train engineer and her association with hobos. Many will understand why I love this story because it brought back nostalgic memories about my 91-year-old Grandfather who was a rail station manger (see page 53 in my book Finding Forrest Fenn where Alex and I discuss this special moment).

Then Mr. Fenn posts Passages One, an almost identical match story where he made a guitar pick for Rodger Miller who sang King of the Road, a song about hobos bumming rides on trains. This is really interesting because the star connection started with trains and now we have hobos. It reminds me of the Canadian TV series The Littlest Hobo where a German Shepard named London, played the lead role as the littlest hobo (dog that refused to settle down and moved from town to town doing good deeds). This is also interesting because not only does Mr. Fenn talk about lead dogs, this connects to our British Band the Beatles through the mention of London.

If we combine these two stories and look for aberrations; one that sticks out is the drawing Mr. Fenn said he made in Technicolor, which it is not. So why mention it? If one taps into their subliminal receptor, the word “Technicolor” should trigger Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The tangent intersection is made when Mr. Fenn mentions Joseph Don Meredith tying in the name Joseph. Don Meredith fits very nicely into my star key theory because he is another star who was quarterback for a star based team. This relates to Mr. Fenn’s previous story about being a star quarterback of the Temple Kittens because he drew himself as a stickman (SB 100) very similar to the stickmen in this previously mentioned Get Mail-14 story.

Meredith was the star QB for the Dallas Cowboys (logo is a star) which also intercepts with my flying space cowboy theme discussed last post. This likely explains the Texas redneck link to the chase due to Texas being the “Lone Star” state. After retirement, Meredith became a comical mainstay on Monday Night Football and was infamous for singing "Turn out the lights, the party's over" as seen here.

Now this is very interesting as some, including myself, feel the poem has been solved and that kind of language certainly supports that line of thinking. Don Meredith also made a cameo appearance as himself in an episode of King of the Hill (now why does that sound so familiar?)

Now I know that I said the treasure is unlikely to be recovered this search season mainly because of the shock that the chase community would be in if the chase were to suddenly end, I believe solver understands this and Mr. Fenn is very familiar with guiding expectations as he also had to prepare everyone when he found out his kidney cancer would likely result in his death. Thus they are likely preparing searchers for the inevitable as smoothly as possible.

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