Porcupines & Comets

After an extended hiatus from the chase, Mr. Fenn seems to have recovered enough to convince his doctor to release just one more scrapbook. Normally, I do not get to excited about scrapbook releases, but this is one to celebrate. Notice I use the word “celebrate?”

I was recently discussing quintessential part of my book, “The Comet Theory,” when this scrapbook suddenly came out. Now don’t worry, as promised, this theory remains with only those who own the book and we plan to keep it that way.

So what is so exiting about scrapbook 161? Well, it is about the porcupine. If you look up page 108 or look for this phrase:

“Many more coincidences involving this theory exist, including my favourite Fenn quote, “Porcupine meat tastes like kerosene," which is another one of Forrest’s covert hints because that odd quote originated from …”

I always believed the key to solving the Fenn poem was with the comet theory, but it needed a slight twist. At the heart of the comet theory is the porcupine. Figure out the Halley/Haley twist (see Finding Forrest Fenn) and I am confident the treasure will be nearby.

This is not the first time the porcupine has been mentioned by Mr. Fenn. It was engraved on the top of a bronze jar, in scrapbook 97, in which he planned to bury. It appeared to be attacking a buffalo. So what is wrong with that? Well, just a few months prior, Mr. Fenn showed us all a bronze buffalo with its feet buried in mud. He said he put it in mud because he didn’t know how to make buffalo feet. The problem is the feet of the buffalo on the jar look perfect. So what you may ask? Well that is an aberration, like what he recommended we seekers should keep an eye out for.

So right away many will think to look to the buffalo, and that may be true, but as described further the magicians sleight of hand will often mask the real hint. That mask is the porcupine.

This is not the lone porcupine sighting in the chase; Mysterious Writings also had a posting talking about porcupines in Porcupine Ponderings. So why is it Porcupines taste like kerosene? Spin the top of that jar and you may find a banana.

Read more at Finding Forrest Fenn

References: Dalneitzel.com

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