Word that is Kea

Recently Mindy has revealed what I believe to be a significant discovery. She has replaced all the apostrophes in the poem with letters and produced the sentence: "Hawaii Ha." So when I look at the big Island of Hawaii, I note two things of significance, or at least from what I remembered from our family's recent visit: volcanoes and telescopes. Sure the volcano idea is interesting with the connection to Yellowstone Super Volcano and how Mr. Fenn mentioned it in a Q&A and Mysterious Writings (which recently was voted as 2016 best blog - Congratulations Jenny you truly rule the best seeker blog). However, lets look at the other alternative - telescopes. Hawaii is home of the worlds tallest mountain, that’s right, taller than Everest, when measured from the base to summit. Speaking of which, did you know the definition of colophon (where the ΩΩ appear) means “summit.”

Remember when Mr. Fenn used the statement "but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key?" and everyone took the bait and went looking for the "key word" but he didn’t say “key word,” he literally meant word that is "key." Since the poem instructs us to listen, then the word key could be "Kea" as in Mauna Kea. At the summit of the world's largest mountain is Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, the home of the aberration: the telescope. Considered the world’s best optical viewing because of the atmosphere is thin and stable and doesn't affect the incoming light from distant stars as much as other locations.

So what you ask? Well Mr. Fenn has instructed us to look for aberrations in his book, and “aberration” by definition is an imperfection in a lens or mirror. Telescopes use mirrors and we know Mr. Fenn has certainly hinted and used mirrors in mysterious ways before. When Mr. Fenn said tightly focused (that is what telescopes and “eyes” do), I believe his is suggesting highly focus rays of light on a point for viewing. So where is the key? If you listen good as instructed in the poem, the key is actually "Kea" the home of the best telescope viewing in the world.

So how do telescopes tie into the solution? That is for another blog post but what I can say is, Mr. Fenn has many references in his book that support sky viewing or telescopes. There is "Dancing with the Stars", Gypsy Magic, and a couple of photos of him looking up at the sky at night, one in the graveyard and the other of the Axeman looking at the star filled night and moon. Finally, we can’t forget that strange scrapbook post from Mr. Fenn about Stern and his galactic star theory. Sure that was a funny and intriguing story and many may remember when I suggested two years ago that Mr. Fenn uses seekers emails as a hinting medium. So you might wonder, why did Mr. Fenn insist on posting Stern’s: "A Stellar Solution?" Did you know that the German translation of "Stern" (the author of that story) that Forrest himself named means, "star." We know that Mr. Fenn loves to hang out with movie stars, but the $1 million question now is, "Which star is Forrest's star?"

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Reference: Dalneitzel.com

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