Forrest's Higher Power

The following statement from the recent six questions at Mysterious Writings:

Before Pearl Harbor, when a senior Japanese general was asked what he thought about invading America. He advised against it. He said, “…because there will be a bullet behind every blade of grass.”

Is an aberration and as many know I am an aberration hunter, for Mr. Fenn told us to be that way. The original quote is from Isoroku Yamamoto and it was "There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass."

Mr. Fenn has interchanged the "rifle" with "bullet," which means to me that this could be the "heavy load" clue as he is hinting either "bullet", "riffle" or both.

Forrest has confirmed he believes in a “Higher Power.” There are several other indications amplifying this is true in his Ode to Peggy and discussions of deceased loved ones looking down from clouds and smiling. Certainly the Notre Dame of the Rockies is a strong confirmation of this concept.

However a diligent searcher must refrain from target fixation. The “Higher Power” must be examined a little further. There are several hints and aberrations that I feel are related to this theme. For instance the Browning “Hi Power” 9 mm pistol comes to mind. It has been in service since at least WWII and Fenn recently hinted at this war with “WW=2” statement. The Browning Hi Power pistol has been the main service pistol for the Canadian military since WW=2 as well. I have mentioned a strong link to Canada in my previous posts as well. After all it is a 9mm pistol and the poem has 9 cues and Mr. Fenn has indicated that relating 9 to the solution was “nice thinking.” From Mysterious Writings:

Forrest, Did you intend for there to be 9 clues, or did it work out to be just right with 9? ~ halo

Nice thinking halo, I didn’t count the clues until the poem had been finalized. Although I changed it a few times over the months I think the number stayed about the same.f

The word “Browning” is very similar to “Brown” as in “put in below the home of Brown” and could be related since the concept of putting the word “Browning” in the poem would be too obvious of a hint.

Such a concept requires must more evidence to back this concept. One of the concepts I would like to introduce that has never been discussed is the scrapbook 99.5. Not the contents but rather the title, after all the poem says “title to the gold.” So what is interesting about the title? It is an aberration because he put it there as a joke not to hit 100. This could be hinting at 100 years or it could be hinting at 99.5. 99.5 is a number associated with radio stations and if one is too scan all the radio stations in the search area they would find an interesting one out of Missoula, MT named “99.5 The Bull.” Fenn like to embellish a lot and some might say embellishment is another word for “bull$hit” but I would like to think that this aberration is not related to the town of Missoula but rather “bull. ” So what can “bull” have to do with the poem? Well, the line “Why is it that I must go” can also be interpreted as “Why" or “Y” is it that “eye” must go,” if one buys into my listen good theory.

The military doesn’t use “x” to mark targets per se but rather we use “bull’s-eye” and Fenn recently mentioned target fixation as a problem with searcher methodology. Thus could “the bull” be “bull’s-eye” that we must go?

Mr. Fenn has put many references in his books and scrapbooks hinting at BB gun’s. He even strategically placed it on that old wagon in a photo once. Does this mean that it is not the BB gun but rather the ‘bull’s-eye” that is important? I often thought about this being a hint to a rifle range for it is “no place for the meek” and a place for the “brave.” Those ranges use bull’s eye targets.

One final piece of evidence this concept has merit is that Mr. Fenn has a bear/beaver skin hanging on his wall. The interesting thing is that skin has a “bull’s eye” target painted on it. What else could have a target painted on it that references home? Something perhaps where the term "good shot" is used...

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